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Revenue Growth

Outsourcing your Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) helps you to focus on your core; healthcare practice. Being your Revenue Cycle Management partner, we will relieve you from petty practice management hassles and let you focus on patient care. We are sure that your increased face time on the patient visit can significantly improve your Patient Care ratings.

Higher Savings

There is a continuous need of investment in human resources development to remain relevant to your always-changing-plains of healthcare regime. The intricacies in the healthcare system are becoming more and more complex, and it is becoming challenging to maintain economies of scale. We will let you reduce your in-house staff and relieve you of the substantial payroll expenses.

Dedicated Team

Medical coding and medical billing is a delicate process where you need expert coders having updated knowledge on the latest ICDs. We have better trained medical billing specialists to help you with this complex process. It will significantly improve the quality of work, which results in better reimbursements.

Multi-Specialty Billing

Our edified human resources have a history of dealing with multi-specialty billing needs. They have authority in billing and coding. They know the appropriate codes for sophisticated procedures and services, so you get the optimal reimbursements. Moreover, they are always ready to provide extensive support for new issues.

Reduced Denials

Claim rejection has a significant impact on cash flows; that’s why it’s a very critical factor of healthcare practice. Our team strives to process and submit greater than 95% clean claims. Before submission of the claim, correct coding, patient information, POS, and Eligibilities are verified so that claims may not be denied.


About us

Our excellence for maximal profitability comes from our team’s extensive knowledge and steadfast commitment to achieving perfection on every day.

We provide forthright resolution to medical practices billing and account receivables’ intricacies. We aim to ensure prompt reimbursement, which we achieve by adopting the latest technology and staying compliant with the HIPAA standards.


NMCV Business is a leading Practice Management, Medical Billing Services providing company focused on high growth and maximum reimbursements.

Yes, we handle patient queries on behalf of our client.

We process claims on a daily basis so that timely reimbursements of your services could be ensured.